Greenhouse Wellness & Physical Therapy

Elkton, MD

Greenhouse Wellness & Physical Therapy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve access to nature and “green space” for those who may not be able to safely participate in outdoor activity due to fear, pain, poor balance, and other limitations. They provide education, wellness services, and one-on-one physical therapy intervention in combination with the healing power of nature to promote optimal wellness and movement. 

“[CCPL's BIC] connected me to other professionals with experience in the nonprofit sector, including a local nonprofit consultant who was able to answer questions regarding starting operations even though I did not yet have my determination letter from the IRS. Ellie Jones [CCPL Business & Marketing Specialist] and the BIC have been a steady source of support throughout this entire process!”

  • Kristin Jacono, Owner

Published by on October 01, 2020
Last Modified April 19, 2024