Materials Selection Policy

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In support of our mission, the Cecil County Public Library selects materials for the library collection in a variety of formats that meet the educational, informational, entertainment and cultural needs of all the diverse communities we serve. In doing so, the library creates an environment that allows citizens to explore the rich diversity of concepts upon which a democratic society depends.

Materials are selected on the basis of quality of content and community interest to represent a wide range of information, views and ideas. The library recognizes the diversity of interests of the community and purchases materials to serve this diversity of needs and interests with due regard to minority, ethnic and other special interests.

Selections will not be made on the basis of any anticipated approval or disapproval, but solely on the merits of the work in relation to the overall content of the collections and the varying interests of all readers. Selection implies neither approval nor disapproval of the contents by the library.

Choice of library materials and resources for personal use is an individual matter. Any patron is free to reject materials for their own use but may not restrict or interfere with other patrons’ freedom to read, listen to, or view materials. The library recognizes the responsibility of parents or legal guardians to guide and direct the reading, viewing and listening choices of their minor children. Our librarians are trained on resources and reader guidance and are happy to assist you in making selections or by providing recommendations.

Materials are purchased to meet current demand and the collection is assessed regularly to ensure it remains relevant to the needs of the community. Suggestions from the community are welcomed and encouraged and are given serious consideration within the established criteria for selection.

Final responsibility for selection lies with the Board of Library Trustees. The Board delegates to the Library Director the authority to interpret and guide the application of the policy in making day-to-day selections. The Board recognizes that the diversity inherent in the library collection may occasionally result in some concerns regarding certain materials. A process has been developed to assure that concerns are handled in an attentive and consistent manner.


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