Policy and Regulations for Public Meetings and Exhibitions

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As part of its service to the community, the Cecil County Public Library provides meeting rooms and exhibit space for community groups, agencies, and organizations, and for activities sponsored by the library. Any meeting or exhibition held in the library must

be for purposes considered by the library director to be consistent with the general objectives and goals of the enlightened citizenry, enrichment of personal life, and the general support of educational, cultural, and civic activities of the community. Library rooms are not available for purely social use.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet or exhibit or an individual is permitted to speak in the public library does not constitute an endorsement by the library of the group’s or individual’s beliefs, policies, or programs. The group may not issue publicity indicating library sponsorship, and the library reserves the right to post disclaimers in the exhibit area. The library director, or designed staff member, has the right to see handout literature, materials to be exhibited, and press releases.

No fees are charged for use of the rooms. Groups using the room may not charge an admission fee, nor can they ask for donations or in any way solicit funds.

The rooms may be used by commercial groups but not for commercial purposes; i.e. a business may use the facility for a course in industrial safety but not for a sales meeting or for the promotion of products. A commercial presenter may provide a business card, but may not make appointments for a follow-up meeting.

No meetings or exhibits may be held from which the press is excluded.

Meetings or exhibitions may not disrupt the use of the library, and persons attending meetings or exhibitions are subject to all library regulations and policies.

Upon adequate notice and for adequate reasons, the library reserves the right to revoke permission to use the library’s meeting rooms or exhibit space. Similarly, the library director may deny or terminate the use of the facilities by any group which is disorderly or in violation of these regulations.

The library assumes no responsibility whatsoever for lost or damage of any part of an exhibit.

Pieces of equipment or other items belonging to a group that are not part of an arranged exhibit may not be left in the library between meetings.

Light refreshment is permitted in library meeting rooms. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted on library property. All traces of food or beverage service must be removed from the meeting room immediately after the meeting.

Reservations must be made by an adult (18 years or over) representative of the organization who, by making the reservation, agrees to be responsible for payment of any damage to the library property resulting directly from the meeting or exhibit.

Meeting rooms may be used during library hours. Meetings may begin as early as 9am and must end 15 minutes before the library closes. Exhibitions may be viewed only during hours the library is open to the public. Please let library staff know how many attended your meeting.

Use of library space may be tentatively scheduled by telephone, but the final scheduling requires the signing of the agreement on the back of this page and returning it to the library prior to the meeting. No meeting or exhibit may be held prior to the signing of this agreement.

Groups meeting in library meeting rooms are responsible for bringing their own presentation equipment including projectors, laptops, public address equipment, etc., and any meeting supplies or consumables which they will need, for example, flip charts, markers, coffee, coffee cups and napkins. Groups meeting in library meeting rooms are expected to leave the room cleaned up and ready for the next user.

Libraries do not provide audio or projection equipment for public use. Some libraries may have meeting rooms with access to the Internet via Wifi, but a successful connection cannot be guaranteed. In the event of problems, public service staff will try to be helpful but will not be available to support the technical needs of meeting room groups.

Users must verify that all equipment is sufficient to meet their needs prior to the meeting date.

Parking at the Elkton Central Library is extremely limited. Groups larger than 25 will need to request use of parking spaces across the street at the Singerly Fire Company. Please call them to make arrangements at 410-398-7300 and advise your members accordingly

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